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For  parts only or  repair  it wont start but will turn if you pull it.   Sold  as is  $350  Shipping included.

For Concrete cutting, Pile cutting, Asphalt work, Masonry work and more
Gas/water/sewer maintenance
Dismantling work (auto, ship, airplane etc.)
Landscape work
Rugged 94 cc air cooled two stroke EPA certified engine
Max power output: 4 KW (5.4 hp) @ 9,500 rpm
Idle Speed 2,500 rpm
Blade Diameter: 350mm (14 inches)
Cutting Depth: 125 mm (5 Inches)
Fuel Tank: 1 liter Gasoline/Oil Mix 40:1
Standard 1" Arbor Bushing
Overall dimensions: 27 x 10 x 17 in.
Weight approx 25lbs without blade
108 dba
94cc Gas Engine
Power Output: 6.5hp
Max Speed: 9,500rpm
Blade Diameter: 14'
Max Cutting Depth: 5'
Fuel Tank Capcity : 1/4 Gal

Stark Gas Saw 14" 94cc

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